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Mens Cup 3 Milan technical routines

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Rob Desantis
Added: ᏝᏬᏂ 11, 2010
From: Rob Desantis
Technical routines Upstream Amsterdam MIlano 2009 Men swimmers have a long way to go to match girls and women synchro swimmers. A lot of us lack confidence doing verticals, lifts and figures where we are on our backs. We don't have the same bouyancy as female swimmers and we have to scull more or our legs drop down.
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Guys will find this harder to do than a team a girls.
Added: 7 years ago.
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From: Rob Desantis
Mens Cup 3 free routines Milano Upstream Amsterdam. Men and boys do synchro...... (more)
Added: 8 years ago.
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From: Rob Desantis